Host a GASWORK screening party

GASWORK: The Fight for CJ’s law is a powerful new short by filmmaker Josh Fox that investigates the dangerous working conditions in the oil and gas fields.

When we hear politicians and gas companies extoll the virtues of fracking, jobs created by drilling is usually high on their list of talking points.  But the jobs created by fracking are not the kind of quality jobs American workers deserve.

They are extremely dangerous, exposing workers to chemicals whose long-term impacts on human health are yet unknown. In fact, the fatality rate of oil field jobs is seven times greater than the national average.

In GASWORK, The Fight for C.J.'s Law, Josh Fox conducts an investigation into worker safety and chemical risk and has interviewed many workers who have been asked to clean drill sites, transport radioactive and carcinogenic chemicals, steam clean the inside of condensate tanks which contain harmful VOC’s, PAH’s and other chemicals and have been told to do so with no safety equipment.  

The film will be available online so if you’re not free to host October 1st you can have your house party on another day. The important thing is to get folks together. 

October 01, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Your house, office, etc.

Will you host?