International WOW Ensemble


Founded in 1996 by a group of theatre and dance artists from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and the US, International WOW Company has created over 40 new plays, consistently lauded as ambitious, inventive, and visually stunning. The company develops works that position community and culture in an international context and redefine the dramatic event in the changing landscape of globalization. Over the past 8 years, International WOW has become a pioneer of international theatre exchange, incorporating performance methods from the East and West, and forging an interdisciplinary training for actors.


Previous Praise for INTERNATIONAL WOW...

"FEARLESSLY INVENTIVE. VIRTUOSIC. VERY POWERFUL. They make us want to question ourselves and make deeper sense of what binds the everyday to the cataclysmic."
- Margo Jefferson, The New York Times

"EXTRAORDINARY. PERTINENT. VERY FUNNY. ACHINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Just know this: The Expense of Spirit is among the most engrossing, involving, and challenging new stage works to arrive this season. Anyone who longs for an authentic, visceral adventure in theatre needs to see it; so does anyone who cares about the future of American drama."
- Martin Denton,

"BREATHTAKING. UNCONVENTIONAL. BEAUTIFUL. The Expense of Spirit is a stunning exploration of the impact of grief on human beings and their relationships to one another. See The Expense of Spirit. See it. Otherwise it becomes difficult to imagine how sadness could be so thrilling."
- Julie Sharbutt,

"ADVENTUROUS. CHILLING. STUNNING In a theatrical landscape that often suffers from blandness and predictability, [this] is that rare show where you never know what will happen next."
- NY Times, re: Death of Nations

"HELLISH AND WONDROUS VISIONS. Josh Fox is one of downtown's most audacious auteurs." 
- Time Out NY, re: Hyperreal America

"IT CHALLENGES YOUR SENSES. IT HAUNTS YOUR DREAMS. Don't miss a minute of this endlessly innovative international theatre company."
- New Jersey Journal, re: Death of Nations

"Fox blends the old and the new, earnest passion and winking irony...showcasing a brilliantly resourceful mastery of stagecraft with his meteoric International WOW Company."
- Time Out NY, re: The Bomb

"In just a few years, International WOW has deservedly gained a reputation as one of the most innovative and prolific theater groups around. Stunning theatrical power." - Theatermania, re: The Bomb