Letter for Deia

Dear Members of the Media, Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple, US. Attorney General Chris Myers and President Obama.

Deia Schlosberg was exercising her First Amendment right as a journalist.  The State of North Dakota’s criminal complaint filed against her on October 13, 2016 should be dropped immediately. Journalism, especially documentary filmmaking, is not a crime it's a responsibility. The freedom of the press is a fundamental right in our free society. The charges filed against her are an injustice that must be dropped immediately.

Thank You,

Josh Fox, Oscar Nominated director, documentarian and filmmaker

Daryl Hannah, actress/activist

Neil Young,  musician

Frances Fisher, Activist, Treasurer - EMA, Actress

Lee Camp, Host, Redacted Tonight

Christopher Ryan, writer

David Braun, Director, Writer, Producer

Steven Tabakin, Peabody Award-winning film producer

Chloe Maxmin, Founder First Here, Then Everywhere

Alexis Krauss, musician

Steven Tabakin, film producer

Jon Bowermaster, author, filmmaker, journalist

Alexander Zaitchik, author/journalist

Will you sign?